Water Birth

Water births have been described as natures epidural and for good reason. Due partially to the effect of buoyancy, a water birth is soothing, comforting, and relaxing. Studies have shown a reduction of stress related hormones, better uterine contractions, improved blood circulation, and thus less pain for the laboring mother. 

At the Heartbeat Birth Center each Birth Room is equipped with a large birthing tub and an unlimited supply of warm water.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is water birth safe?

As water birth has grown in popularity over the past 30 years studies which demonstrate the safety of a water birth have also grown. So far the evidence shows that there is no increase of risk to a water birth making this a great pain relief option for low-risk mothers. For more information please visit Waterbirth International and EvidenceBasedBirth.com

Can I have a water birth at home?

Absolutely! Around week 37-38, you will take home with you the La Bassine birth pool, an air pump, liner, and instructions for setting it up. After birth, we will empty and remove the tub from your home.