Exceptional Care

Prenatal Care & Birth

We believe birth is a normal and natural event. It is our goal to honor your wishes and desires, empowering you to have the best possible birthing experience in a comfortable and safe environment whether you choose to birth at home or at our freestanding birth center.

Care with a Team

In a group practice, a midwife you know will always be there for you. Sickness, vacation, a family emergency, or simply being too tired will not interfere with your care as too often happens in a practice with a single provider.

Towards the end of your care, you may decide which midwife you would like to be primary at your birth. No matter what, you will be supported every step of the way by a team who cares deeply about you and your birth.

24/7 Midwife Access

As a client, you will have timely access to a midwife for all questions during normal business hours and 24/7 access for urgent concerns.

Spinning Babies

At Heartbeat, we see the benefits of spinning babies during pregnancy and birth almost every day. From relieving pain during pregnancy to positioning the baby in an optimal position for birth, spinning babies has become an integral part of how Heartbeat cares.

During your prenatals, we will perform regular spinning babies prenatal protocols and help you learn these techniques for at home. For more information please visit https://spinningbabies.com/

Longer Appointments

Prenatal appointments are an opportunity for us to learn about you and your birth preferences.

Our desire is to build trust and relationship as we discuss any questions you may have. We are passionate about family education and client choice!


We contract a Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer who comes to the Birth Center once a week. Ultrasounds normally take about 15-20 minutes. Family and friends are welcome to join!

The Golden Hour

During the emotional and vulnerable process of bringing your child into the world, our desire is to provide the security for you to birth in your own way. We practice:

  • delayed cord clamping
  • immediate skin-to-skin between you and your baby
  • uninterrupted breastfeeding after birth

Nitrous Oxide

This form of pain relief may be a good option for you especially if you tend to feel anxious as Nitrous Oxide may help you relax and release tension. Nitrous oxide may be used at the discretion of the midwife and at your request.

Click here for more information.

Water Birth

Water birth has been described as natures epidural and for good reason. Due partially to the effect of buoyancy, a water birth is soothing, comforting, and relaxing. Studies have shown a reduction of stress related hormones, better uterine contractions, improved blood circulation, and thus less pain for the laboring mother. 

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We firmly believe that an experienced and supportive team will greatly improve the likelihood of a natural birth after a caesarean. At Heartbeat Midwifery we have had the joy of helping many families achieve this.

Suturing Perineal Lacerations

A common complaint among mothers is discomfort and pain from improperly repaired tears. All Heartbeat Midwives have extensive training and exceptional skill the art of suturing.

Postpartum Home Visit

Your Midwife will come to your home for your first postpartum visit. Our priority is for you to rest, bond, and regain your strength after your birth!

Placenta Encapsulation

We offer placenta encapsulation as an additional service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Water Birth Safe?

As water birth has grown in popularity over the past 30 years studies which demonstrate the safety of a water birth have also grown. So far the evidence shows that there is no increase of risk to a water birth making this a great pain relief option for low-risk mothers. For more information please visit Waterbirth International and EvidenceBasedBirth.com

Is an out of hospital VBAC safe?

Uterine rupture is the main risk associated with VBAC, and usually occurs at the site of the previous C-section incision. Though uterine rupture is a potentially dangerous complication, it is very rare. Studies show that the risk of uterine rupture is less than 1%. In addition, your midwife will not be inducing labor which further lowers the risks as pitocin inductions often cause uterine ruptures. Lastly, your midwife will assess your C-section to further mitigate the risks.

What is included in your Midwifery Package?

Consultation and Interview: Heartbeat Midwifery offers a free meet and greet which gives you the opportunity to see if we are a good fit for you during your pregnancy and delivery.

Included in Service Package:

  • One (1) ultrasound
  • Use of Nitrous Oxide during labor at the discretion of the midwife
  • Pregnancy & Nutritional counseling
  • Birth Education Classes
  • Access to lending library
  • Normal Business hours availability for all questions & concerns
  • 24 hour availability of a midwife for urgent concerns
  • Prenatal visits (average 12) & Postpartum visits (average 5)
  • Routine lab work including OB Panel, Glucose, Iron Levels
  • Medical supplies and medication necessary during delivery
  • Suturing
  • Herbal Bath for mother and baby
  • Newborn eye prophylaxis, vitamin K injection, & newborn screening
  • Breastfeeding Support with a Certified Lactation Specialist
  • Use of a Birth Pool for home birth (hose not included)

Items included in our package which are not always included in other practices are: Suturing, Newborn Screening, Birth Education Classes, Medical Supplies, and Breastfeeding Support from a Specialist.

Who can be at my Birth?

You are welcome to have anyone you choose at your birth. We do not have a limit. However, if you choose to have your children with you at the Birth Center we ask that another adult tasked with childcare be present.

Do you provide Circumcision?

Yes! Rabbi Mike is a Mohel who has performed over 18,000 circumcisions since 1988. He has extensive experience in performing minimally invasive circumcisions. He comes to the birth center every 4-8 weeks.

For more information visit https://www.easycircumcision.com/