The Team

With over 2,000 babies and more than 30 years of combined professional experience, each of the 7 members of Heartbeat team is prepared to help you birth your way. What they do means much more to them than a paycheck.

Carmen Geyman

Owner, Certified Professional & Licensed Midwife, Certified Lactation Specialist

As the most experienced Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) in Lubbock, having attended over 1147 deliveries, she has been described as calming, reassuring, and confident. She is also a Certified Lactation Specialist who is passionate about natural health care.

“I am the wife and mother of four busy and resilient children; I enjoy being outside, listening to music, and sewing. My husband, as the business manager for Heartbeat Midwifery, has been a constant source of encouragement and support as we work together to empower and support the families in this community. 

God gave me a passion when I was 19 to be a part of the miracle of new life. Over the years I have been blessed with opportunities to work with families across the US, and internationally in Asia and Africa. 

I enjoy every phase of the childbearing year. It gives me deep satisfaction to provide families with a safe and professional environment where they can birth the way they want!

Courtney Tanner

Certified Professional & Licensed Midwife, Certified Lactation Specialist

Courtney received her bachelor’s degree at the University of Idaho while working as a massage therapist and gained several years of experience alongside a chiropractor. Her experience brings a unique set of skills for birthing moms!

“I thought I was done with school, and off-hand mentioned to a friend, ‘if I could go back and do it all over again, I’d be a midwife!’. Just a few weeks later, the opportunity to study midwifery on the mission field made this possible. I’m honoured and thankful for the training and experience gained through midwifery as well as the opportunity to love others with Christ’s love.”  

She completed her midwifery training at a charity clinic in the Philippines where she spent 2.5 years caring for hundreds of women in low resource settings and learned more deeply of God’s love for His children. 

Amber Rudlong

Certified Professional & Licensed Midwife
Licensed by the State of Texas
Bachelor of Science in Nursing

I have enjoyed learning and growing in the practice of midwifery. The way the human body works and functions is one of the amazing creations of God and the process of birth never ceases to amaze me.

I enjoy education and after midwifery school I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, so I devoted a few more years to studying and earned my bachelors in nursing. 

I travel when I can, enjoy hiking, gardening, hunting, the great outdoors, and fermented things.

Students are the key to the future of midwifery in West Texas. Our goal at Heartbeat Midwifery is to serve our community by investing in the women of Lubbock so that they, in turn, can care for the families in our community. Our students are a valuable part of who we are at Heartbeat.

Emily Lassiter

Senior Student Midwife
Certified Lactation Specialist

Emily has been with Heartbeat since its inception in 2019. Starting as a birth assistant she has attended over 100 births as a student and plans to graduate in 2022. Her energy for life, love of birth, and commitment to professionalism are some of the many qualities which will make her an exceptional midwife.

“I am the oldest of eight children and really have a heart for family. Since I was in my mid-teens, I felt God’s calling for me to work in the field of midwifery, and I am excited to serve Him and our clients in that way.

Besides learning more about childbirth, I enjoy spending time with my husband, friends, and siblings. I also love a good craft project or playing the piano.”

Our office staff insure that the birth team is able to do their job. Heartbeat would not function smoothly day-to-day without the tireless hours and ingenuity they put into the Birth Center.

Kaegan Westbrook

Office Manager

After learning about midwifery care in my late teens, God has been calling my heart to join in the work of this field. I am passionate about education and empowering expectant mothers and their families. 

I love combining my strengths of organization and task management with my desire to purposefully serve those around me. My role at Heartbeat allows me to connect with both families and midwives to support the families within my community.

When not working at the Birth Center, I enjoy sharing the Lord’s love as a volunteer on my church worship team, through doula work, and as a wife to my husband.

Jacob Geyman

Business Administrator

Having served as a Missionary Pilot and Aircraft Technician in Botswana and Tanzania, Jacob now does everything from designing the website to overseeing the Quality Assurance Program. 

“It is very rewarding to see that what I do frees up everyone else to focus on moms and babies. Empowering the Heartbeat Midwifery team to help families through childbirth and maternity care is my job description and I love it!”