We’re excited to share that we are expecting a baby BOY this June🩵✨ A

long with lots of big changes, I’ll be taking a break from working as a student midwife so I can focus on my family and being a mommy! While I’m sure there’s more to come yet on my midwifery journey, I’m setting it down for a season so I can be ready to fill my arms with this new baby and motherhood experience. But don’t worry, I’m not leaving the birth world behind! I’ll continue working as a doula for this time where I can manage a smaller client load and still have extra time with my growing family. You can reach me @kaegan.westbrook and please, keep in touch! I’ll miss serving all of the precious Heartbeat families as a student midwife but I’m excited to see all the joys and blessings this new season of life will hold🌈☀️
– Kaegan